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2017 Sculpture Exhibition

Which takes place yearly at Sausmarez Manor, Guernsey.

Artists 49 Sculptures 109


Marie Ackers

  Marie Ackers was born in France, her work is initially inspired and influenced by the work of the 19th century "French Animaliers", such as Jules Pierre Mene and Antoine Louis Barye. Recently Marie`s inspiration is changing toward more modern sculptor such as inspired by Marino Marini, Henry Moore and Lynn Chadwick... Marie Ackers work is not about scientific measurements but it is about capturing the spirit and the essence of the subject. It is about capturing life. She works on private commissions but also continues developing a portfolio of limited, numbered and signed edition in bronze with few work also available (in a very limited number) in cold cast bronze.
a. Thoroughbred Head Study (Horse Head Bust sculpture statue statuette)   Bronze  1/6  £8,500 


Carol Acworth

  Carol Acworth lives and works in the Languedoc region of the South of France. A sculptor of rare talent, Carol looks at the humanity and feeling of her subject matter. Although she produces such varied pieces, there is a constant vein of vigour of movement and texture that demands to be touched.
Her work is to be found in many homes in England, Scotland and Wales, including that of Penelope Keith, and in Kuwait, Singapore, Italy, France, New Zealand and the United States. Commissions include a Madonna and Child in Oak, for St Peters Church, Petersfield, and a bust of John Bowen, who gave his garden in Petersfield to the town for the use of the public. Other works in public places include Petersfield Hospital, and King Edward School Witley.
Carol states: "If my sculpture touches the heart, then it has achieved its real goal, to bring a little tenderness, a little light, a little healing, a little truth, a little humour and a little love into a struggling world".
a. Ewe (resin Lying Resting Sheep garden Yard statues)   Bronze Resin  /30  £997 
b. Lamb (Sleeping Resting garden Yard sculpture statue)   Bronze Resin  /30  £264 


Carole Andrews FRBS, BA(Hons)

  Carole Andrews has been making sculpture for about 18 years after gaining a degree in Fine Art from Kent University, and is a fellow of The Royal British Society of Sculptors.
a. Flora - group of 3 (Contemporary Big garden statue)   Aluminium, Steel, Resin  1/1  £2,500 
b. Red Villosa (Red Outsize abstract Floral statues)   Aluminium Resin  1/1  £2,500 


Anon of the East

  Occasionally work from the East stands out for sheer quality of workmanship and this selection we have made, has we feel, this certain something. The low prices reflect the lower costs and in consequence are remarkable bargains. The works are by a variety of different anonymous artists.
a. Cockerel (Large Strutting Cosk or Rooster statue)   Bronze  u/l  £800 
b. Cockerel (Small Strutting Standing garden sculpture)   Bronze  u/l  £600 
c. Little Angel (Bronze Classically Inspired Small garden/Yard nude statue)   Bronze  u/l  £4,834 
d. Water Carrier (Art Deco life size nude garden Fountain)   Bronze  u/l  £6,000 


Anon of the Orient

  The works are by a variety of different anonymous artists. Who have carved and polished each piece with the patience and skill only found in the ancient tradition of China.
a. nude with Urn (Modern Semi abstract Carved marble garden/Yard statue)   Marble  u/l  £1,640 


Patrick Barker BA (Hons), MRBS

  Patrick Barker`s charming, rounded, friendly figures have been snapped up by, amongst others, collectors in Holland, Austria, France, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Thailand, USA. Lord Carrington, Michael Hestletine, Tom Stoppard, and Pru Leith have pieces in their collections. This sculpture was being created for the festival.
a. In a tangle (Fun Curled up Man Stone garden statues)   French Limestone  1/1  £3,334 


Alison Bell MA Hons, ARBS

  Alison Bell captures memories of the freedom of childhood – the energy and spontaneity, the days of living and playing in your own imagination and the unfettered physical joy of it all. The work celebrates those moments when we scaled fortresses, stood on the ramparts as king of the castle or dared ourselves to leapfrog over the moon.
a. Wee Giant (Bronze Baby Squatting Sitting garden Yard statue sculpture)   Bronze  /8  £3,950 


Alan Biggs BA (Hons)

  Alan Biggs Trained at Reading University and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and having taken early retirement from teaching plunged into sculpture and portraiture and was selected for the RA Summer Exhibition. His time is almost entirely taken up by commissions so we are lucky to have his work to show his incredible talent for the human form in repose and motion.
a. Deer and Fawn (Standing Calmly Bronze resin Outdoor garden statues)   Bronze Resin  /21  £3,000 
b. Mara (Little Girl Dancing garden Yard Outdoor Cold Cast statues)   Bronze Resin  /21  £1,500 
c. Paula (Young life size Girl Child Looking garden sculptures statues)   Resin Bronze  /21  £1,350 
d. The Golden Apple (Dancing nude Girl Goddess garden statue statuette)   Resin Bronze  /21  £2,950 


Dawn Boys-Stones

  Dawn Boys-Stones creates fresh, vibrant metal sculptures, in her workshop in the industrial zone of Marrakech. Trained and studied in Morocco, her choice to create in metal, stems from a love of the tactile, durable attributes of the material, giving even the most delicate of pieces great strength. Heavily influenced by African art and her life in Morocco, all the pieces are suitable for indoor and outdoor display.
a. Paradise Found   Metal    £1,167 
b. Paradise Lost   Metal  1/1  £1,167 
c. The Quest for Knowledge   Mild Steel  1/1  £833 


Monika Brors

  Monika Brors was brought up in Germany and was a student of Guiseppe Del Debbio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Her Bronzes are cast at a traditional Italian bronze foundry just outside Florence. She understands how expertly to capture the characteristics of a theme in delicate, light tones, reflecting her positive attitude and view of life. They draw the observer closer to `The Lightness of Being`.
a. Grautier mit Reiter (Bronze Donkey and Rider statues)   Bronze  /10  £5,295 
b. Vogel (Bronze Flight of Birds Bronze sculptures)   Bronze  /15  £1,035 


Gill Brown SWA

  Gill Brown, after 5 years studying sculpture at the Liverpool College of Art, worked in America, Kenya and the North of England. All of which have influenced her in her figurative and abstract art. Only working in bronze, using cire perdue, she has work in collections in most parts of the country and you can see why. She is one of the finest proponents in bronze abstract sculptures today in Britain.
a. Airborne (Bronze Flying Pair of Birds Indoor statues)   Bronze  6/9  £4,335 
b. Cirque de la Vie (abstract Circus Performers Acrobats statuette)   Bronze  /12  £3,992 
c. Reflections (Bronze Contemporary abstract Swans statue)   Bronze  /12  £6,850 
d. Stork (Small Wader Striking at Prey Bronze sculptures)   Bronze  /12  £2,900 


Henrietta Bud MA, MB, BChir

  Henrietta Bud draws extensively when mulling over ideas for sculpture. With this profile sculpture of a Labrador, the drawing itself became the sculpture – rendered into three-dimensions in steel for display against the backdrop of the garden. It is available in black and ‘blond’ and in other colours on request.
a. Mans Best Friend the Labrador (Steel Outline sculpture)   steel  u/l  £300 


Will Carr

  Using steel Will Carr recreates the intricacies of natural forms and phenomena’s. Texture allows me to make this very strong, rigid medium appear soft with elegance to mimic or accentuate its surroundings. My passion in science and nature, especially the micro-world, has expanded my fascination for understanding how the world interacts; from the intrinsic properties of nature at molecular and biological levels, up to the eternal questions that face our world. My aim is for others to feel inspired in order to perceive the unusual aspects of our surroundings and appreciate its complexities. Although only being in the sculpting world for six years I have exhibited across the UK, with commissions from as far as America.
a. Sycamore Seed (Metal Outsize Outdoor/Outside Tree Seed/Fruit statue)   Metal  /5  £450 


Wenqin Chen MA

  Wenqin Chen studied at the Art&Design School of Fuzhou University during 1995-1999. In Sep. 1999 he studied at the Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University in Beijing before going abroad for a MA degree at the Winchester School of Art, Southampton University in UK. Since 2007 he has been teaching in Xiamen University. His academic pursuit, he bases in the Chinese culture and pursue an understanding of the western world and its culture with a main focus in European modern art. He is one of the very few living sculptors to have had his work sold at auction by Sotherby`s.
a. Be In Here 1 No 1 (stainless Steel Elipses Indoor statue)   Stainless Steel  /30  £3,822 
b. Be In Here IV No 1 (Little Minimalist Interior statue)   Stainless Steel  /30  £4,067 
c. Endless Curve No.1 (Outdoor stainless Steel Loop statue)   Stainless steel  /30  £3,722 
d. Expanding No. 1 (abstract Diabalo stainless Steel statue)   Stainless Steel  /30  £4,500 


Fanny Lam Christie BA (Hons)

  Fanny Lam Christie trained at Edinburgh College of Art and her studio is based in Perthshire, Scotland. Her art practice includes sculpture, site-specific installations, private and public art commissions.

Her work explores the emotional response as well as ecological and sustainability interest in the natural world. Bronze and clay are her predominant media, whilst she employs a wide range of materials in her installations. Recently she has created new exciting work combining glass and bronze.
a. Per Ardua (abstract Leaping Salmon Bronze sculpture)   Bronze  2/5  £7,500 
b. Surge (abstract Contemporary Bronze sculpture)   Bronze  1/5  £4,000 
c. The Encounter (Semi- abstract Bronze Deer sculpture)   Bronze  1/1  £8,000 


Daniel Clahane MA (WSA), BA (Hons), ARBS

  He has work in private and public collections across the world who recognize his passion for releasing from stone the innate truth of the origins of the universe and forming it into new truths. Because of pressure of demand he has had to cast some pieces in bronze of which this is a fine example.
a. South Wind   Bronze  1/9  £4,500 


Helle Rask Crawford

  Helle Rask Crawford surrenders herself totally in the creative process. The honest expression is born through the enchantment found in sculpting. What emerges from the beautiful and manifest figuration`s is a form of personal responsibility. A dynamic act of balance in a concrete sculptural expression. The artist does not revere what is in vogue at the modern art scene. Her contract with the future is thus unpredictable, but meeting the works of the artist is very rewarding, because the ultimate freedom and pleasure in the work is so markedly prioritized, inside and outside the domain of the time. Controlled movement is the guiding force in the handling of clay, plaster and bronze. Superficiality is only skin-deep: A sensuous joy can be sensed flowing from the artist`s fingers in the sculpting of any surface.
a. Dressage Artistique (Bronze Adalusian Stallion/Horse Trotting sculpture)   Bronze, granit  2/8  £3,000 
b. Little Boy with Watering Can (Bronze statuette)   Bronze  /8  £1,200 
c. The Falconeer`s Apprentice (Youth and Falcon statue)   Bronze  /8  £1,500 
d. The Golden Beetle (and standing Boy sculptures)   Bronze  /8  £1,700 
e. The Water Bearer (Girl female Bronze sculpture)   Bronze, copper, rock, concrete  £1,700 


Ben Dearnley BA (Hons)

  Ben Dearnley has been creating sculptures both large and small for many years and has gained an international reputation for the beauty and quality of his works. Here at ArtParkS his "Song of the Wind" represents a new strand to Ben`s work, in which he uses contemporary materials to explore aspects of his musical heritage. Ben has sculptures in many public and private collections throughout the world, from the Royal Academy of Music in London to sculpture parks and wineries in NSW, Australia.
a. Song of the Wind (Big stainless Steel abstract garden Harp sculptures)   Stainless Steel  1/1  £6,667 


Sukey Erland SPS

  Particularly accomplished in humorous and life like animals, in bronze, ceramic and resin. Exhibits widely and has an avid following and you can see why.
a. Erect Otter (Bronze life size Upright garden/Yard/Poolside Patio statue)   Bronze  8/9  £2,700 


Tim Fortune BA (hons)

  Tim Fortune is an artist who`s work has been commissioned by prestigious individuals including Dame Elizabeth Frink and establishments such as Eton College and the National History Museum. He is also internationally in demand from architects and public authorities. His ideas are continually evolving and he is always finding a new creative direction. We are very lucky to have these pieces which exemplify his astonishing imagination and skill.
a. Breaking Point (stainless Steel garden/Yard statue/sculpture)   mild steel  1/1  £5,983 
b. Drop (Large stainless Steel Syrop Drop Yard garden statue)   Stainless Steel  1/1  £14,563 
c. Guernsey Lily (Nerine Sarniensis Lily Bulb Steel statue)   Stainless Steel, Copper  1/1  £4,102 
d. Wind over Lake (abstract Ripples in Bronze garden sculpture or statue)   Mild Steel  1/1  £2,500 


Ginger Gilmour ASWA

  Ginger Gilmour is an artist with a particular vision. This vision has emerged from her life experience and the influence of many great teachers. The seed of this vision grew out of the integration of her eighteen years of marriage with Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour ~ the raising of their four children and the inner longing to express her own creativity. Now what once was a seed flowers within her life, within her paintings and is allowed to be expressed in her exciting sculpture.
a. Aeriel (life size Bronze Angel with Outstretched Wings garden/statue)   Bronze  1/9  £25,000 
b. Earth-Song of Woman (Bronze abstract female Earth Mother yard statues)   Bronze  2/9  £10,833 
c. Sylph Reeds (Cold Cast Metal resin abstract Coloured Reeds)   resin (or metal)  /30  £1,000 


Bronwen Glazzard

  Her love of nature is apparent in her intricate line drawings. These original designs are turned into copper artworks. This versatile material is perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor use, so was a natural choice for the trees. Her trees create a stunningly visual focal point. Memory Trees together with the engravable leaf plaques, make a very effective solution for Fundraising, Donation recognition and Commemoration Projects. Bronwen has created a range of successful designs to choose from and is also happy to work to commission. Her work can be found in many public spaces across the UK.
a. Hornbeam Tree No.3 (with a starter pack of 50 engravable leaf plaques)   Copper, Brass  u/l  £2,575 


Dr. Nicholas Gold MBBS

  After two careers, in the Coldstream Guards and as a G.P., he has finally found his passion for using local materials and creating works for that landscape. His work is commission only, and his whims and follies can be found in Arizona, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. He is influenced by Military Fortification and dry stonewalling of his native Yorkshire when he is not writing, exploring or inventing.
a. Whim 7   Granite or any stone that is available    POA 


Veda Hallowes MBRS

  Veda Hallowes works mainly in bronze, drawing inspiration from natural forms; fruits, seeds, birds and butterflies.

Her present creative focus is on bronze wall pieces, using elements, clouds and abstract forms.We are lucky to get another edition of her most famous work Liberty.
a. Coral (Big Bronze Outside garden or Yard sculptures)   Bronze  1/8  £6,500 
b. Liberty (Bronze sitting Young Girl Dreaming statue)   Bronze  /12  £9,000 
c. Nashi (Giant Apple Yard/garden sculptures/statues)   Bronze  5/9  £3,950 
d. Touching Africa (Contemporary Low Relief Wall statue)   Bronze  1/1  £800 
e. Wader (Modern abstract Small Bas Low Relief statues)   Bronze  1/1  £800 


Silas Higgon

  Silas Higgon creates Some of the most accurate and carefully made sundials available in Europe. Silas Higgon makes a wide selection of meticulously calibrated traditional, Innovative and contemporary Sundials. He has now retired though occasionally can be persuaded to work on a commission. This is his last piece.
a. Armillary Spheres (Brass Sundial Traditional/Historical)   Bronze  U/L  £1,250 


Michael Hipkins ARBS

  Michael Hipkins was born in 1942 and received his Art education at Blackpool College. He then went to Paris to study painting at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and Academie Julienne and etching and engraving at S.W. Hayter`s Atelier 17. Primarily absorbed by the human figure, he is not so concerned with naturalistic interpretation but rather with truth to materials used. In his stone carving he brings out the quality of the stone, showing different degrees of process from the raw stone to a highly polished finish. The figures emerge from the stone creating unity in form, spirit and movement.
a. Figurehead (nude Well Built Woman abstract statues)   Italian Marble  1/1  £2,667 
b. The Race (Galloping Horses Low Relief marble statue)   Portuguese White Marble  1/1  £6,000 


Andrew Horsfall MRBS

  Graceful curves and planes, crystallize organic ideas with solid structures and suggest as yet undiscovered natural forms, the sort of sculpture one is compelled to touch, is just one description of his delightful work that is so much in demand in the house, the workplace and the open space.
a. Morphos 1   White Marble, Abalone  1/1  £7,335 
b. Morphos 2   White Marble, abalone  1/1  £6,000 
c. Morphos 3   White Marble, abalone  1/1  £6,670 


John Huggins Hon VP-RWA, Hon FRBS

  John Huggins has used several dominant themes over the years but in the eighties returned to the figure as a vehicle for expressive abstract ideas. His accessible images present a light, even playful feel but beneath this immediacy lie the serious issues of form and structure which have always controlled his work. John Huggins` sculptures have been exhibited in Geneva, Amsterdam, the Hague, Guernsey and the US as well as in Bath, Birmingham, Bristol and London where he has had twelve one-man shows and been continuously represented since 1968. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and is Honorary Vice President of the Royal West of England. There are two books of his work available from ArtParks. He lives and works in Gloucestershire UK.
a. Acrobat (nude Girl Standing on Head garden sculpture)   Bronze  1/1  £5,000 
b. Caprice (Bronze Modern Art Deco Kneeling Girl statue)   Bronze  1/1  £8,334 
c. High Kick (Bronze Modern Active Athletic Woman statue)   Bronze  1/1  £10,000 
d. Morning (Contemporary Arte Deco Standing garden statue)   Bronze  1/1  £10,000 


Lucy Kinsella BA (Hons)

  Lucy Kinsella is a real pleasure to be able to welcome back Lucy`s rapturous approach to nature, and her skilful use of patination. Usually her exhibitions are a sell out, so we were lucky to have these pieces to show you.
a. Monumental Blue Head (Oversize Big garden sculpture)   Bronze Resin  /12  £3,333 
b. Ophelia (Semi abstract female Head Gatden sculpture)   Poly-Chromed Resin  /12  £2,300 


Jason Le Noury

  Jason Le Noury has a natural ability, augmented by study at Hereford College of Art and Design, to create life and mythical forms from steel, copper and other metal`s, and the few pieces that he creates get snapped up by his fellow islanders and from further afield. He gets better every time he sets his hand to the welder.
a. Face en Face (Copper and Steel Faces Peering from Tree sculptures)   Copper, Steel  1/1  £1,700 
b. Ronin (Steel and Copper Japanese Warrior garden sculptures)   Copper, Steel  1/1  £10,835 


Jasper Lyon BA. hons, Dip/RCA

  Jasper Lyon is an unusual and original British sculptor with an enviable career in the Arts and sculpture and lives in France.
a. Observer (Alpha Male Gorilla Hunting sculpture)   Bronze Resin  /6  £6,667 


Andrew MacCallum HND

  Andrew MacCallum achieved an HND at Stafford College under the tuition of Mike Talbot ARBS, he has since worked professionally as a sculptor for 13 years. His interpretation of the female form can not be bettered.
a. Grey Lady (nude Girl Woman female Torso/statue)   Aluminum laminate  35  £3,334 
b. Morning (nude Girl Young female Torso sculptures)   Bronze Resin  35  £3,334 
c. Repose (nude Girl Young Calm Woman garden statue)   Bronze resin  35  £3,834 


Rob J Maingay

  Rob Maingay`s is in immense demand in Holland for his sculptures, there seems scarcely a town there that does not have at least one of his works. It is only because his ancestors, fleeing from the terror in Normandy, lived for a time in Guernsey that we persuaded this sculptural giant to exhibit here.
a. Counter-formes (Carved stone Columnar abstract Modern statue/statuary)   Freestone  1/1  £14,300 
b. Positive-Negative (Small Carved Rectangular garden/Yard statues)   Granite  1/1  £6,850 
c. Upright (Tall Carved Black Granite abstract Modern Columnar sculptures)   Granite  1/1  £25,000 


Jennie McCall BA(Hons)

  Jennie McCall`s childhood interests in folklore, myth and nature have manifested themselves in her passion for drawing and sculpture. Her formal education and extensive travelling, as well as all the aforementioned influences, have played a hugely significant part in Jennie`s development as an artist.
a. War Horse (stone ware Head garden Charger Bust statues/sculptures)   Stoneware  1/1  £884 


Lorne Mckean RASA, FRBS, SEA

  Lorne Mckean`s long and highly successful career continues to flourish with many exciting new commissions. She has countless works in public and private spaces and a royal commission early in her career lead to four more Royal commissions, the most recent being a 1/2 life-size bronze of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh for Guards Polo Club, Windsor Park.
a. Badger Family (Bronze resin life size garden Outdoor statue sculpture)   Bronze Resin  /7  £13,333 
b. Peregrine Falcon (In Flight Stooping Flying statues)   Bronze Resin  /11  £12,500 


Margot McMahon MA

  Margot McMahon`s sculptures, drawings, and videos interpret her environmental vision of the interdependence of life forms in nature. Margot fuses human, plant and animal forms into unique sculptural statements that are inspired by familiar natural forms reinvented into a unique visual vocabulary. Each sculpture varies in its focus emphasizing the importance of life and nature.
a. Grandmother and Baby (Bronze sitting and Playing garden sculptures/statue)   Resin  1/1  £9,142 
b. Hawk and Dove (Granite Big Hawk and Dove Peace sculptures/statues)   Resin  1/1  £11,000 


Ani Mollereau

  Ani Mollereau has a great love of animals especially horses and has an affinity with them. the power and delicacy of the artists work tell us with certainty there is much, much more to life than mundane existence. This is the purpose of art.
a. Hare (stainless Steel Contemporary Stylised sculpture)   Stainless Steel  /10  £5,833 


Nick Moran

  Nick Moran uses different metals for their different characteristics; stainless steel to catch the changing environment in its reflective surface; mild steel once free of mill scale begins to form rust; steel with a treated galvanised finish for its longevity and organic qualities.
a. Crossing the bar (Steel abstract Modern Small garden statue sculpture)   Steel  1/1  £1,750 
b. Gathering XXV (Steel abstract Contemporary fabricated statue sculpture)   Steel  1/1  £2,334 


Jeremy Palmer

  Jeremy Palmer carves mainly Oak, it`s a unique natural material, very strong, resilient and full of character. He never uses preservatives or finishes. For interior display the oils in the wood provide a warm, silky sheen. Outside, his sculptures will age gracefully to a finish reminiscent of medieval timber buildings.
a. Skinny Dipper (abstract Contemporary nude Girl Diver sculptures/statue)   French Oak  1/1  £4,167 
b. Strollers (abstract Contemporary Parent and Child Carved Wood Yard statue)   French Oak  1/1  £2,667 


Liliya Pobornikova MA

  Artist working with stone, wood, ice, snow, bronze, steel, land art, fire sculptures, ceramics. During last 15 years took part in 100 International sculpture symposiums in 30 countries. Winner of various prizes for sculpture and photography.
a. Natural Forms (Tall Carved Small garden statue)   wood sculpture  1/1  £1,970 
b. Natural Forms 1 (Carved Wooden Landscape abstract Modern carving)   wood sculpture  1/1  £1,667 
c. Rain 1 (abstract Raindrops Carved Wood sculpture)   wood sculpture  1/1  £1,667 


Kenneth Potts MRBS, BA

  Kenneth Potts great skill in figurative work is reflected in the astonishing amount of commissions, bronze portraits of such heroes as Douglas Bader, Wellington, Napoleon, Johnny Johnson etc and his ability to give a feeling of movement as well as peace, he has been asked to exhibit at the RA, The Sladmore Gallery, Tokyo, New York etc etc.
a. Egret on Alert (Standing Water Bird Wader sculpture)   Aluminium Tube, Sheeting  1/1  £1,659 
b. Egret Stalking (Out Door Snowy or Cattle sculpture)   Aluminium  1/1  £1,659 
c. In the Surf (Bronze nude Couple in Sea/Surf statues)   Bronze  u/l  £8,750 


Orhan Rashtana

  Orhan Rashtana outsize animal sculptures are chiefly what he is known for though he can turn his creative hand to a wide variety of representational and semi representational ones or semi abstract sculptures, usually with a little fun in the result.
a. King Cobra (Giant/Big Steel Metal garden Snake/Serpent statue/sculpture)   Iron  1/1  £17,167 
b. Scorpion (giant steel insect)   Iron  1/1  £45,834 


Rogier Ruys

  Rogier Ruys is a sculpture artist that makes realistic and figurative work in bronze and acrylic material, small and monumental. With the love for Henry Moore and August Rodin he aims to create expressive figurative abstract form, emotion and movement, combining the strength and artistry of both artists.
a. Moore Music (abstract Modern Contemporary Trumpeter statue statuette)   Bronze  1/1  £22,723 


Timothy Shutter MA, ARBS

  Timothy Shutter is in such demand for commissions for public and private collections, he has very little time to work on his own inspirations and we are privileged to share some of his own examples of realism. His work is of such quality that it has nearly all been funded by rural development funds, the Lottery, Arts Councils and County Councils.
a. Canon (Carved stone Giant Camera garden sculptures)   Portland stone  1/1  £1,745 


Jilly Sutton BA, MRBS

  Jilly Sutton trained at Exeter College of Art. She carves "in the round" large pieces of timber, the challenge being the plastic manipulation of the wood. Her mostly figurative work has a haunting beauty, with an over-riding feeling of peace. Her double sized head of the Poet Laureate is in the National Portrait Gallery collection. Much of her work is cast in bronze or sometimes Olive-stone from her original carvings.
a. The Sleeper (Large Bronze Lovely Womans Face statues/masks/sculptures)   Bronze  2/3  £6,500 


Jan Sweeney MRBS

  Her love of all animals is supremely exemplified in all of her sculpture. Some catching that moment, whether the poise before the pounce of a big cat or the sudden turn of a swerving hare. She now spends much of her time in South Africa working on her beloved animals.
a. Big Landing Cheetah (Lifesize Springing Big Cat statue)   Bronze lost wax  /9  £33,333 
b. Big Turning Cheetah (Running life size Big Cat statue)   Bronze lost wax  /9  £33,333 
c. Turn Again (Bronze sprinting Running Mad March Hare sculptures/statue)   Bronze  /12  £5,000 


Sarah Tombs MA (Hons)

  A remarkably versatile artist, having graduated from Wimbledon, Chelsea and The Royal College where she won the Henry Moore Scholarship. She creates work of quality and power, and unbounded originality. Each piece has a spontaneity and character of its own.
a. Splash (life size Steel Diver Outdoor abstract sculpture statue)   Steel  1/1  £25,000 


Jenny Wynne Jones NDD, ATD

  Jenny expresses a feeling of tranquillity, spiritually and beauty in her sculpture of female figures and children, for which she may use her family to sit, whilst she models them, as her sculptures of Ben and Kate. She has most of her sculptures cast in bronze or bronze resin. Jenny has exhibited at over 20 galleries and stately gardens from Cornwall to East Sussex and galleries in London. It is a pleasure to have this collection after a long absence in Guernsey.
a. Ben (life size Young Boy Sitting Thinking statues)   Bronze Resin  1/1  £1,383 
b. Beth (nude Girl Sitting Yard garden sculptures)   Bronze Resin  35/40  £1,583 
c. Kate (nude Girls garden/Yard Seated sculptures)   Resin bronze  /30  £1,708 
d. Sophie (nude Girl Sitting Outside Outdoor statues)   Copper Resin  /15  £1,383 
e. Toby (Boy Sitting Thinking Yard garden sculpture)   Resin bronze  39/40  £1,383 


Ans Zondag MA

  Ans Zondag makes mainly sculptures of animals, she only works in bronze. All the animals are vulnerable, she makes them skinny but full of life, often moving or just on the point of moving. She is looking for that which makes an animal what it is. You can call it. Its not about individual animals its about what makes a dog a dog and a wolf a wolf.
a. Goat (Nanny Goat statuette sculpture statues statuary)   Bronze  /8  £6,363 
b. Its a Donkey (Bronze Sad Standing Thinking sculptures)   Bronze  /8  £9,090 

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Customer comment on 'FiddleHead (Male) (Curley stainless Steel garden Yard statue sculpture' by Oliver Strong
The sculptures (Fiddleheads Male and Female) arrived this morning and look fantastic. If you could pass on my thanks to the artist (Oliver Strong), I would be most grateful. Many thanks for your assistance,
Nicholas Shipton, Beds. Gt. Britain, United Kingdom.